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One of the main reasons to go down the private label route is to generate your own, unique brand. This will differentiate you from your competitors and open new commercial avenues as time goes by. But before your customers can test out your product to discover that it is superior, they first need to know about the product itself. Getting off the ground is often the trickiest part of any new enterprise. Private labels are no longer seen as second rate products which makes the industry even more lucrative. You need to generate brand awareness for your business to be a success. Below is a breakdown of how to obtain positive brand awareness and avoid negative brand awareness.


1.Social media


To actually generate private label brand awareness, you need to jump onto the social media band wagon. It is vital for generating awareness for your brand. You need followers and likes on accounts including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Because it is so important we have broken it up into three sections/platforms.


  • Instagram hastags


70% of people looked up a brand on instagram


The first thing to take into account is that trust on these platforms has to be built up organically and over time. Reshare interesting content that is related to the product you are selling. There are a few things that can be done on these platforms to increase followers and like. Studies have shown that Instagram accounts with higher follower post more regularly than average, up to 2 or 3 times a day. The same is true for Facebook and Twitter. More posts mean more awareness which ultimately leads to more followers. Aside from posting regularly the best way to gain followers quickly is to hashtag as much as possible. Remember to keep the hashtags as relevant as possible. Another Instagram study revealed that 70% of people looked up a brand on the platform, and 62% of users were willing to follow a brand just because they liked it.


  • Twitter hashtags


As important as Instagram is, it is also necessary to pay attention to Facebook and Twitter. There are a few ways to acquire Twitter followers. Essentially keep following accounts and replying to them. People may add you if your comment was funny or clever, or if you are local, if you retweeted one of their posts etc. You can tweet a brand and let them know with a hashtag. They will follow you and could retweet, leading to even more followers. In Twitter, it all about how much you give, keep tagging other companies and the good karma seems to come right back in terms of followers. Obviously, it also helps to have an excellent website with a twitter account linked or have guest posting privileges on some sites where you can leave Twitter details.


  • Facebook like


“Familiarity leads to trust, and seeing friends connected to businesses builds familiarity” – quote from Facebook manger, Paul Adam


Facebook is a little different, and there is a technical process to generate likes. First, set up a Facebook business manager account, create a “brand or product page”, customize your page to look as good as possible in terms of cover page and logo. Click on the ads manager tab and click on the page likes option. Select your brand page to promote. You will then be asked a range of criteria such as your budget, timeline, ad type, ad placement and target audience. After you have chosen your ad it is best to lead the followers to a landing page and also have an autoresponder set up. What you are actually doing is paying Facebook to acquire followers and potential email addresses. However, if you are starting off or have high profit margins on an Amazon private label, this will actually work out quite cheap. Making sales on Amazon is more than simply uploading a product to Amazon.


For gathering Facebook likes, the old principals work best. In the words of Facebook manager Paul Adams, “Familiarity leads to trust, and seeing friends connected to businesses builds familiarity”. You can pay to put ads in places where people view them and the names of friends who already like the page will pop up. Potential customers will see which of their friends like your product, which will have a knock-on effect. This encourages people to like the page, building familiarity and trust. These Facebook likes are more valuable and targeted. More tightly knit clusters of likes, as groups of friends all like your product.


2.Brand it


Do not overlook the importance of your packaging and logo on your product. The willingness of people to purchase or recommended an organization is 60% brand perception and 40% product perception. You packaging, logo, and design must be spot on. If you have a perfectly designed and stylish product customers will associate perfection and style with the brand. This has been touted as one of the reasons why private label has taken off recently, as they have come a long way from the initial bland, generic packaging. With stylish brands and high quality products, the line between private label and national brands is becoming fuzzier by the day. People do appreciate a well-designed brand.


3.Reddit brand awareness


A clever way to brand your product is an intelligent Reddit article with response from a number of Reddit users. Reddit has a large base and is looked at quite often. Here are some topics you can get inspiration to create your own post:
A post on how to get set up with Amazon private labelling  that generates many users to leave loads of comment

You can then leave an affiliate link to your product on your post on Reddit page. People reading the Reddit page could then click the link. The Reddit post and link will also boost your SEO rankings which will indirectly lead to sales through Reddit.


4.Build a good product


This might seem obvious, you need your product to be as good or better than your competitors. And also need it to be free of defects. This is because if your product has defects then not only will it fail to generate awareness for your product, but it will in fact generate negative publicity surrounding your product. This is not what is need and could sink the business before it gets off the ground. Remember, you need positive brand awareness, not negative awareness.


5.Great customer service


Customers love good customer service. If you have an awesome support team, this information will get around. News travels. If you have a super-fast and efficient delivery process and excellent customer service it can make up for a lot. Customers can overlook a lot of minor faults if the delivery and service is good. And like building a good product, bad customer service and delivery will quickly generate bad publicity which runs counter to your business interests.
Once you have covered yourself with a good product, customer service and delivery as well as social media promotion you are on the road to generating private label brand awareness.