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You’ve been working hard on getting noticed on social media. You’ve been setting up profiles, adding descriptions of what it is that your private label business  actually does. Perhaps you’ve even hired a social media manager to work on eye-catching photos and posts to be put out according to a schedule. There’s a lot of work, and perhaps expense, that you’ve put into gaining more followers for your Twitter and Instagram social media channels. So we understand how you feel when you cannot see any return on your investment. You want people to show interest in what your private label business has to say and offer. You also want social media users, who happen upon your content while browsing, to engage and become your regular readers.


The Importance of Visuals in Gaining Followers


In this article we’re going to be taking a look at 5 great methods you can put into practise to gain more followers for your Twitter and Instagram channels. In a lot of ways these are similar to Facebook, a social media channel you may have more experience with. However, there is an important factor you should always bear in mind for Twitter and Instagram. These social media channels depend heavily upon the visual aspect – particularly Instagram. Sure you can tweet without a photo but your post will carry more weight and be more shareable if it is accompanied by a picture, a visual element that looks good on a screen.


With Instagram the importance of a visual element is absolute since photos and pictures have historically constituted the sole reason it was used in the first place. Instagram started off as an easy and quick way to share photos taken on the fly between users. But, of course, it is also a great way for businesses to connect with the public.


Photos, pictures and other visuals, such as infographics, that appeal to your audience are highly shareable and will go a long way to gaining you more followers.


Develop a visual identity


Of course, you’ll have figured out by now, that the logical thing is to post pictures that are related to your private label business and the field that it’s involved with. There are lots of places to find images if you cannot, or are having difficulty, creating your own. However, to make the most of the visual element that social media channels such as Twitter and Instagram offer, you need to develop your own visual identity. You need a style that users can immediately identify as belonging to your private label business.


Think of it as adding a signature or business card to each image.  Most businesses do this by linking their images to their brand. Create a special template with your private label business colours to add branding to your photos and this will help social media users to focus on your photos and pictures out of the cascade of images that they see on social media each day. Being able to pick your images out of the throng will make it easier for them to share with other potential followers.


Catchy Captions for your private label business


While photos and images are all important on Twitter and Instagram that doesn’t mean you can forget about the accompanying text. To make sure you gain as much traction on these social media channels it is essential that you pay attention to the text and make it as engaging as possible.


We know that it is difficult to make yourself fully understood within 140 characters but you need to make it count by being creative with your words. Images are part of what makes your posts attractive but social media users will share and gain you more followers if your text show off some personality that engages them.


Great Content


This may sound like an obvious thing to say but you’d be surprised at how many businesses post for the sake of posting and then wonder why their content isn’t shared and commented on. If you want more followers you need to give social media users a reason to share your content to other users. Creating great content that readers want to share may seem like a difficult proposition to begin with – especially if you’re not in the habit of writing about your private label business and field. However, with time, it will become easier to get into the habit of finding noteworthy topics to comment on. Remember that your followers want to hear from you because you are a voice of authority, so give them something and to get behind your cause.


If you’re having trouble finding ideas for good content you should feel no shame in scouting the opposition. Check out what your competitors are doing to successfully add more followers to their social media channels. You should find yourself inspired with lots of ideas for topics that are relevant to your private label business. Whatever your content ends up being, make sure it is genuinely exciting to those who are interested. Here’s a good question to ask yourself when you’re thinking about this: Would you share it?




Don’t populate a single post with too many hashtags


You will have been seeing the all-mighty hashtags everywhere in recent years. Everyone seems to be hashtagging this and that. There’s a really good reason for that. Hashtags are an excellent way of highlighting keywords that are important to your posts. The keywords you use need to be relevant to your private label business and the items you are selling. If, for example, you sell cutting boards for kitchen use you might try #kitchen, #whatsfordinner or #goodeats. Hashtags let the social media platforms know the readers you want to reach. Social media users search for posts and new people to follow according to what they’re interested in.


Remember to keep your hashtags simple. Do not put too many words together to make a hashtag. Where possible include hashtags in your post that you think people may search for. Don’t doubt your own experience: what would you search for if you were a customer interested in what your private label business does?


Also, don’t populate a single post with too many hashtags. Research has shown that more than two hashtags can mean the visibility of a post decreases by up to 17%.