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Amazon is increasingly becoming the best choice for private labelers worldwide. In the recent holiday season, Amazon shipped 50% more items for third party sellers than the prior year. However, success isn’t just guaranteed, you have to get some things right first. For many of those trying to get into the private labeling business, finding the right profitable niche product to sell is the most important part of the job if you want to make it. Many people often rush into things, thinking that private labeling is a simple way of earning so how hard could it be? Even if all other aspects of your business are perfect, having a product that doesn’t sell will still see you lose a lot of money. To find a profitable niche product, there are a number of criteria you should look into, here are the main ones on top of my mind.


  • No brand names within the product category – When you’re competing with household names such as Kleenex, you don’t stand a chance. So ensure your product category is devoid of any big brands.
  • Product can be sourced for 25% or less of the actual sell price – This will allow you to settle shipping costs and other pertinent costs yet still enjoy large profit margins to keep your business profitable.
  • Average profitable niche product sale price of between $10 and $50 – This price range allows for impulse buying. This is because the customer doesn’t need to carry out extensive research to decide on a specific product as compared to larger purchases.
  • Lightweight – The product should be very light (ideally less than 5 pounds). This is to reduce the shipping costs that could greatly limit your profits.
  • A simple and durable product– the profitable niche product you pick should be simple to manufacture and not easily broken. This will save on production costs and prevent losses due to damage.
  • At least 2-3 products with around 50 customer reviews on the first page of the search result list – this is a great way of quickly assessing the competition you can surpass to make your way up the ranks.
  • For other criteria in detail, highly recommend to have a look at product niche selection for Amazon on Reddit.


Some product selection tools to help


The above criteria will help you narrow down your product selection and bring you much closer to selecting a profitable niche product. However, it’s still not enough. You still need to know some hard facts such as the sales volume and the search volume of your product to help predict how it will sell. That’s where tools such as Jungle Scout and MerchantWords come in.


Search volume is a pretty good indicator of the general demand for your product. Just type in keywords that customers will be using to find your niche product at MerchantWords then view the results. For your niche product to be profitable and successful, ensure it gets a minimum monthly search volume of 100,000 either on the main product keyword or a combination of different keyword sets.


Jungle Scout is also a powerful tool, giving you not only the estimated monthly sales volume of a product but also important metrics such as the BSR, number of reviews and revenue. Before settling on a niche product, ensure that the Best Seller Ranking (BSR) of 2-3 similar products is 5,000 or less. This will help ensure that you sell a good number of units each day. The sales volume of the profitable niche product should be high and not completely monopolized by specific sellers.


Profitable niche product ideas


According to MerchantWords, dog leash are top 2 keywords boast of a monthly search volume of 154,100 and 109,100 meaning that there’s more than enough demand. Furthermore, the best seller of this product has a BSR of 263 in their main category (Pet supplies) and an estimated monthly sales volume of 2,636. It’s therefore a niche product that sells really well. Fetal dopplers can be another lucrative product with many among the best sellers having relatively few reviews. For instance, the 3rd best seller of prenatal monitoring devices has a BSR of 800 and an impressive estimated monthly sales volume of 1,063. All this with only 104 reviews! Added to the fact that the best result for ‘fetal dopplers’ on MerchantWords has a monthly search volume of 493,600, then you know you have a winner.

Based on the criteria and the tools we described above, here we found eight profitable niche products for you to private label and sell on Amazon. Ready? Let’s have a look.


1. Retractable dog leashes


retractable dog leashes The pet industry will always be a huge deal and you can easily take advantage of this by opting to private label retractable dog leashes. They are the perfect solution for dogs that aren’t ready to be let of the leash yet still offer them the freedom to roam about and explore due to the much longer leash. As the name suggests, you can easily retract the leash whenever there is need for safety and control. Such qualities have enabled this product to gain traction in the market over the years, so don’t get left behind.


This product is simple and relatively easy to manufacture therefore you don’t have to worry about high production costs when sourcing for private label manufacturers. Furthermore, the leashes are small and light so be sure that the shipping and storage costs won’t be too high. The leashes are also easily customizable which means that the branding and labeling will be a piece of cake. You might have some trouble when it comes to competition, so ensure your branding and marketing are top-notch in order to accumulate enough positive reviews. It’s all smooth sailing from that point onwards.


2. Luggage protectors

luggage coverWhile selling luggage on Amazon isn’t a good idea since they are bulky, luggage protectors are a whole different story. They are cheap, small and light hence keeping the transportation costs low. Furthermore, accessory items of high-value products seem much cheaper in comparison so customers aren’t usually so reluctant in purchasing them even when they are just a bit higher than they could be. There’s also little in the way of competition and no specific seller is monopolising the sales. With such a profitable niche product, you can charge good prices while enjoying low production costs, a fact that guarantees good profits.


3. Fetal Doppler


fetal dopplerThis is an amazing device that is essentially a fetal heart rate monitor. It allows you to hear the heartbeat of an unborn child from inside the womb. The idea itself is very heart-warming so you should make the emotional component of this device the backbone of your marketing approach. In your listing, the fetal doppler shouldn’t be just a healthcare tool to monitor your unborn child’s health but a way to connect with a child before he or she is even born. Focus your marketing on expecting mothers to tug on their heartstrings and you’ll secure enough demand for your business to be profitable.


This is a relatively specialized piece of equipment meaning therefore there hasn’t been a flood of sellers clamoring to sell this device on Amazon. The obvious result of this is that the competition is relatively low. As long as you acquire enough reviews, you are guaranteed to make a killing in this under-explored niche.


4. Garden pruners or other gardening tools


garden prunerGardening tools are great profitable niche products that you can easily private label and sell on Amazon. People are increasingly becoming more passionate about their patios and gardens meaning that tools to help take care of them are highly valued. New materials and items are also constantly being bought as people strive to maintain their gardens in perfect condition. Market Research analysts forecast that the global garden tools market will grow at a CAGR of 4.97% between the year 2017 and 2021. You can easily take advantage of this fact and make huge sales on Amazon by banking on gardening tools.


By specializing in small hand tools like a garden pruner, you will keep your costs low in the shipping and storage departments. Also, such tools are bound to be sturdy hence you do not have to worry about damages while packaging and shipping. It may seem inconsequential but the minor damages that are practically mandatory when handling delicate products during shipping and storage may accumulate to very huge sums. Moreover, the competition you will face at Amazon is manageable so you are guaranteed to make some sales.


5. Soap making supplies or other DIY supplies


We all love our hobbies and are willing to spend a lot of money on them. Most DIY enthusiasts you know probably spend a disproportionate amount of money on making what can easily be bought in order to feel that satisfaction of a major achievement. This is exactly the kind of situation you find in those interested in making their own soap. By private labeling soap supplies, you can find your way into this niche and reap the amazing profits that come with customers so dedicated to their craft that they don’t care too much about costs.


The thing is, you have to be very careful with your product when dealing with enthusiasts who know what they want. If you are too hasty in your research and secure a poor quality stock from your supplier, then you’ll definitely make huge losses since your potential customers will quickly realize that your product is sub-par. Instead, research extensively, get advice about what you should include in your soap-making kit from dedicated experts, and make good use of hashtags on social media like Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest for marketing purpose. The more followers your niche product has, the better your private label business can be. You can easily find soap-making enthusiasts in sites such as Reddit for advice and they can also double up as your customers once your product is ready.


6. Industrial aprons


leather apronMost of those who venture into private labeling focus on consumer products while their industrial counterparts are completely ignored. This is exactly the case for aprons where the regular aprons have completely flooded the market while barely anyone thinks about industrial aprons when starting a private labeling business. Such an imbalance creates a huge opportunity because there’s a lack of competition that is pretty rare in this business. You should therefore take advantage of this niche right away by selling industrial aprons on Amazon.


When sourcing the aprons, just make sure that they are folded and fitted into small packages. Failure to do this could mean that your shipment will occupy so much more space leading to steep shipment charges. If you aren’t sure where you will get customers, you can reach out to research laboratories of universities or even large commercial kitchens to get you started. Once you get enough reviews you can sit back and watch your niche product stack up sales. Remember that due to the low competition, finding enough reviews to be a major player isn’t difficult with the top-rated sellers having only a few hundred reviews at most. You can use JungleScout to help you dig up such information on your competition and help you stay ahead.


7. Geology kits or other educational kits


Geology kits are a great opportunity to come out strong in the private label sector. Educational kits of all kind are a lucrative venture due to their value in the eyes of concerned parents. Education sells pretty well since parents view it as an investment in their child’s future; the better the education they have the higher chance they can have the higher quality of life later on. Geology kits offer children a relatively fun way to learn important facts about geology so parents will most often find it a worthy purchase.


Another thing worth noting is that you can easily customize your kit to maximize its appeal to your potential customers, allowing you to charge more money and increase your profit margins. Furthermore, since geology is a fairly specialized field, you are assured of limited competition so expanding your business is quite simple.


8. Saltwater fish tank maintenance equipment


fish tank equipmentThis is another profitable niche product to take advantage of what people are willing to spend for their hobbies and interests. Maintaining a saltwater fish tank for the long-term is particularly expensive so anyone dedicated to this practice isn’t all that worried about the money. The best thing about this niche is that many products involved are consumable. This means that they are used up and the customer has to buy them again and again. Such products include salts, fish food, water filtration systems and many others.


If you go about selling these consumable products with the right mindset, your business will grow very quickly due to recurring sales and even lifetime customers if you play your cards right. The main focus of your business should therefore be customer service and quality to maintain your customer base.